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23 november -- Time Out

DMITRI`s interview to magazine “TIME OUT”

DMITRI GUYVORONSKI(USA) pianist and showman

Dmitri Guyvoronski  talking with  correspondent Vladimir Dudin how he became piano-virtuoso and showman.

In  Dmitri`s solo program “From classic to rock and jazz”---Babylonian mix of centuries  and styles: be bop, new-age, rock,---plus—R.Wagner with Bach, Tchaikovski and Rhakhmaninov. The concerts Dmitri  converting to act of involvement  of audience as a member of Dmitri`s show. American critics writing about him:  “ On piano he does what Baryshnikov did in ballet”

Corresp.:  Dmitri, how happened that mass media now calls you Russian American?

Dmitri: From the beginning—I was born in Moscow, musical school, music. Collage, 2 years in Soviet Army, then—Leningrad—conservatory, Academy  of theatre and art. While my student period—member of many classical and rock, jazz festivals ( Germany, Sweden , Switzerland, Finland and etc.) All  this  experience  help me in future when I moved to America in 1992. In USA my carrier was developing in a different way----I  became a  SHOWMAN.

Corresp.: Pianist-Showman—rarely find type of genre in Russia. Isn`t it?

Dmitri:  In Soviet time my name was include in encyclopedia as a jazz pianist presenting Oscar Peterson skill      piano school .  By the way, I never  ranked  among  the  jazz pianist  only,  because as  I said so far,  I  could avoid that fact  that behind me huge  Russian classical  background.  As a  piano  showman  I have developed  myself  gradually,  trying combine in my programs  diametrically  opposed  genres  and  styles:  classic,  jazz,  rock,  funky  and  etc.  I  am  not  first  musician,  who  experimenting  with  musical  genres  on  piano.  In USA  three geniuses  showmen phenomenal  pianists who  really  inspired  me---Victor Berge, Liberace, Vladimir Horovitz, Oscar Peterson,  and  Peter Nero—literally  my godfather  in  show  business.       

Corresp:  How many years  you  have  been  in  US?

Dmitri:  Seventeen years…

Corresp:  Are you coming  back  to Russia  sometimes?  And  how  often?

Dmitri:  Yes…  I  have  been  performing  in  Izhevsk(Opera theatre),  St  Petersburg  philharmonic  Hall,  Murmansk  philharmonic, Vologda,Moscow……

Corresp:  I`ve heard  that  audience in US  calls you  “ Russian  Mick Jagger  on piano”,  I  hope  it  dosn`t  hurt you?( smiling)

Dmitri:  Of course,  not!  I  tell you more---they  keep asking  me “are you Stevie  Taylor brother?   


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