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Dmitri Guyvoronski  was born in Moscow.There he has started his musical education(7 years in musical school, musical collage). Then, after two years in Soviet Army on duty, he has moved to Leningrad, where  continued education in Mussorgsky`s musical collage ( classical piano and jazz&pop instrumental department). In same time he was a student at Academy of Theatre and Art( as an actor and theatre producer by professor A.Katzman). Then---Leningrad`s conservatory( classical piano by professor V.Nilsen). In that time Dmitri had a lot of concerts as a classical and jazz performer, member and diplomants of many classical and jazz festivals( F.Shopin`s festival in Warsaw, jazz---in Germany, Sweden,Finland, Switzerland)

In 1992 he`re immigrated to USA, where his career developed very successful.With wonderful classical background incredible talent as a improviser and jazz&pop pianist and actor, Dmitri successfully performed with many jazz and rock stars( Dave Brubeck, Johnny Griffin, James Brown, Les Mc Can, Tom Jones and Sam More), also with symphonic orchestras( Philadelphia, Boston, Florida Symphony). His repertoire---concerto # 1 by Tchaicovsky, #2 by Rakhmaninov and etc. Year to year Dmitri began to perform as a soloist, skilful combine different musical styles and directions in his shows( jazz, classic, rock, funky and etc.), also as a unique showman. Perfect examples: his show in Las Vegas, Branson, New York, L.A.

In show business he is already 20 years

“Palm Beach Post”:

“…this sexy, hot import is the most exciting Russian to hit our shores since Dr.Zhivago!!!  He does for piano what Baryshnikov did for the ballet! From the French Riviera to Asia, Europe to south America, Scandinavia to South Africa this young dynamo has been wooing his audiences to their feet. Whether on stage or screen, his performances  have won rave reviews from even music`s harshest critics. Dmitri`s range is phenomenal: classical, jazz, Broadway showtunes , Pop music, Rock from the 50`s, 60`s, 70`s, 80`s, 90`s, Fusion, New Age---- there is NOTHInG this amazing talent can`t play!”

Since 2008 Dmitri very often performs in Russia, acting as an actor in movies

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